Dressing Rooms and How to Select Them

Dressing rooms are now one of the most important parts, having many uses and eliminating bedroom clutter. 

Imagine having a space used to store clothes, accessories, and bags. 

So, this article will dig more about dressing units, designs, colors, and uses.

What about the space of the dressing room?

 One of the major factors that detect the design of your dressing room is the available space. 

Next to the bedroom, we usually implement the design of dressing room. 

We have different scenarios, firstly if the bedroom space is pretty large, we could design the dressing room inside it.

If it’s not, we could design customized storage units for clothes, accessories, bags, and seasonal stuff.

And in this case, we recommend applying light colors with mirrors reflecting a wider look. 

Choosing the design

The most favorite part is choosing the design of your dressing room.

 Enjoy this phase and explore endless designs and themes. 

Open shelving and doorless wardrobes are an example of designs. 

Also, establish a chic and strong light system.

Don’t forget to check our library of designs and request your favorite one from here.

Coloring theme

Dressing rooms are the place where you start your day. 

It’s important to make it cheerful, calm and chic to provide you with positive vibes needed.

Neutral colors like light blue and white could make the room more attractive.

Meanwhile darker colors could add the feeling of the dressing room and the classy theme. 

Choose your taste and makes you more comfortable! 

So, what are the steps needed to establish your dressing room? 

1. Detect the space or the location of your dressing room. 

2. Choose or customize your dream design. 

3. Start the design.

4. Arrange your clothes, bags, and accessories.

5 dressing room ideas 

1. Display your space perfectly. 

2. Don’t forget to add your touch and soul. 

3. If your bedroom space is larger than you need, separate your dressing room.

4. Mirrors and a table are dressing rooms fundamentals. 

5. Light colors make every room calm.

Don’t forget to explore our endless ideas for dressing rooms and different storage units at Kitniture. 

And our experts could help you create your design, just you imagine and we design it!


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