Industry Journey

First things first

Let’s get acquainted with the basics of kitchen design.

As we all know the kitchen is a common room where we eat our meals, It’s the room that connects us with our family and friends and where we spend time with food. It’s also where we do our shopping, prepare our meals and store our household goods.
Units design, therefore, has a large bearing on how you use your kitchen. If you want to encourage your family and friends to visit you more often, or you simply want to add more value to your home, then an attractive unit is a must.
That's why

Designed and fabricated in passion

As we want to prove that with a few edits your small space can be the heart of your home & the place where you find your most comfort.
There are various types of units’ designs; some of them are boxy, some are angular and some are organic. Deciding which type of units’ design is best for your home is a matter of personal taste. However, there are some general elements that every unit should have. These elements will help you create an eco-friendly unit that will encourage your guests and family to follow more healthy patterns & in kitniture we make sure you get the best materials & options available.
So how?

Now Join us to know how it all starts...

As soon as our partners get started, they begin by cutting the amount of wood they need, then edging and clipping any excess pieces (they plant three trees for every one they cut).

Next, lumber is dried in a kiln, which allows natural MC evaporation and flattens each block of lumber to make its breadth and thickness consistent.

Our partners complement our notion of sustainable products. Hence there's no sticking phase. However, people's lives are harmed due to the environmental damage caused by this.

The final method for our partner relies on the classification of wood to study the properties of each lumber piece in order to designate its "grade" (quality) (quality).

Now begins our part as we begin to work with excellent materials and construct our products according to the most outstanding modern style along with the personalization desired.

For these phases, we move ahead on drawing and constructing 3d models of many options then we focus on creating each piece with the appropriate viewpoint.

Our involvement doesn't end here, as we also help you choose the perfect pieces for you, as well as arrange them in your space along with all the needed accessories from our partners to build your area eventually come to life.