It is possible to give a touch of elegance to your traditional or contemporary home with your parquet design. This flooring option can be used in a variety of areas, including hallways and living rooms, because of its durability.
The ageless charm of real and artificial wood is preserved in each parquet block’s durability and capacity to endure heavy use. The visual impression of your structure can be enhanced by the use of parquet or, as it is more often known, parquetry.
Furniture (veneer patterns) and flooring are also typical uses for this wood-based geometric mosaic. Parquet is made from a variety of woods and its substitutes.
In kitniture we always work on offering you parquet substitutes with the best quality you are looking for. Also, we have artificial HPL, water-resistant wood panels, and we have incredible artificial wood like HDF, from different materials to guarantee water resistance & durability.
Our collection is perfectly chosen from Belgium, Germany, Turkey &China.
If you’re interested in installing wood flooring in your home, We can help you find the greatest deal on a variety of parquet varieties.

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