Refund Policy

Important terms

– In case of purchase, 100% of the amount is paid.
– In case of online purchase from the exhibition, 60% of the amount is paid at the time of purchase and 40% before receipt.
– In case of contracting within 48 hours, the full amount will be refunded.
– In the case of canceling after 48 hours and until the last 7 days from the start of implementation, the full amount of 10% will be refunded.
– Canceling after 7 days, 60% are cut off.
– Canceling after receiving the product, 70% of the total are cut off with affording the whole cost of transfer and logistics.
– The terms of cancellation are related to the customer’s unwillingness to complete the contract and implementation for a reason that is due to him personally and is not linked at all to the quality and safety of product delivery and the dates of receipt agreed upon between the two parties.
– For ensuring quality, safety of product delivery and the dates of its receipt, KitNiture bears full responsibility and abides by all the terms of the contract and the agreed upon quality of delivery and does not obligate the buyer to any obligations other than what he is obligated to provide in cash receipt payments with different payment methods, place of installation, maintenance, transportation and handling.